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  • Larry Sciullo Roswell, GA #2147643 » Posted in: My online family

    Hope this will open, as a producer you need to see this, I believe this is a potential bonanza.

  • M.H #2147641 » Posted in: HAITI

    Leaves By Color......summertime has its richness...... Flying birds singing along at peoples picnics...... I stretch my hand through the gate...... To catch a lovebug as I wait..... For all the food to be done..... So I could enjoy myself under the son.... Days pass by and a chill floats within the breeze.....Fall is coming and soon there will be no more bees...... Trees are being collected for others..... So now I'm sorting out...... LEAVES BY COLOR

  • Brian Chicago,IL #2147640 » Posted in: My online family

    My name is Brian. I am 22 years old and my family and I are currently homeless. We are currently staying in a motel in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood. My family consists of me, my older sister and brother, and my mother. We have been in this motel since August 2nd. Since then, I have been diagnosed with pneumonia and another type of an upper respiratory infection ( I could not find out the kind because I could not risk using our limited funding to go back for a much needed check up). All of our savings are depleted and as of October 1st. We have wasted money countless times on apartment application fees just to be rejected. My mother is currently trying to have her name background corrected as the circuit courts of Chicago have other people's info mixed with hers. Not to mention she is still trying to have a judgment from our previous landlord removed. We are also working with the regional director for the department of family and support services. We have told this story time and time again yet somehow, thousands of dollars is taken and we never hear back from realtors or private landlords. We desperately need the help and need to move soon. We are willing to pay a market value for a 2 bedroom 1 bath up to $1,200 monthly. I am not asking for money. We are just looking for help finding housing. We really need the help and want to prove that I am not a shady person but genuine person who is in dire need of assistance. I am willing to commit to a FaceTime or Skype, just to reiterate and show you I just need help. I am also willing to give out my email which is would like to also provide my cell phone number which is and my mother's work number 1-. Please, help us. My mother suffers from celiac disease and we have not been able to get her proper foods and I fear the worst has yet to come and I am doing everything to make sure it doesn't. She had to have a blood transfusion last time she didn not get proper nutritional intake. Also, since graduating in 2011, I have been looking for employment to pay for my education. Now, I finally have a part-time job in Deerfield,Il. I really want to keep it so that I can continue my education and go into public service. But I can't do that while being homeless. We contacted multiple politicians and it seems like no one cares. Again, not asking for money, just help finding housing. So, if you can please help my family and I.

  • Esther Lee Gift/the Unknown Writer Morrow Branch Library #2147639 » Posted in: My online family

    Good Afternoon, Mister Perry, Sir: Late getting started this morning, but will be here until my son, Ashanti and Karleen come to pick me up, after Ashanti gets out of school at Georgia State. Karleen Thompson WNBA is off for the season for the Atlanta Dream. I am just putting my work back on a disc, since I lost two flash drives. I am putting my script for movie of "Martine's Planet" on one. I am working on the part III for that one. Missus GOD's Heaven is already complete on one. Hope you have a good day. The printers are down at the Forest Park Branch Library. They are working over here, at Morrow's Branch, today. I cannot wait to see what is going on tonight on OWN on If Loving You is Wrong. Thanks for giving me something to do while I am in Atlanta. Sure looks different from San Diego, seeing so many Blacks walking up the street. Sincerely, Esther Lee Gift & Ghostwriters 12:51 pm 10/13/2015 Got to get to work. (smiles) The Unknown Writer

    • @the world is yours on a blimp #2147660

      I'm not sure if you are taking to me or not, but, I'm honest about my weight, SO, YOU CAN'T INSULT ME, but I think you were once a 'blimp", and at least my heart is not empty9 from Bishop Jake's sermon on "Heart Attack" and at I do know how to love, how to love, and I know when I'm being used and played by who.re.s and losers, and bit.ches and wi.tches, and obviously, you don't know that a "mile high club" is people who have had sex in an airplane, and the world is not cold, just very...selfish and self centered, a cold world is where those witch drs. were amputating albino kids for body parts, that is a cold world. SO DUMMY YOU BETTER WATCH WHO THE H.EL.L YOU TRY TO INSULT, BECASEU I CAME PUT YOU BACK IN THE GUTTER, WITH NOTHING BUT THE VLOTHES ON YOUR BACK, ahahha, and if I mis interpreted what was being said, sorry, but this board is really for losers in search of love, friends,money, acceptance, God, and none of this will ever be found on Tyler Perry's message board, I'm only here because of God, so let's not get to big for our britches again or get it twisted( I know who I am) and what I am worth , I'm not a charity case like some people that sit on this message board, CHARTIY CASE, is whne somebody feels sorry for the other person. so if the people here in Atlanta stop being so selfish and self centerd, this would be a really good place to live for a Godly woman like myself. love you Tyler, if this does not apply to you, and if is does, I still love you, God is running this dam.n show, and if you don't want to comply, well, be will be alone and bitter, and miserable:-), we will make sure of that:-0)

    • it's just a part of a song.... #2147680

      Just like daughters by John Mayer

  • the world is yours on a blimp.... #2147637 » Posted in: My online family

    A mile high club.....cold world.....

  • Myra d Brockton, MA #2147635 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    The Studio is absolutely beautiful, yea, God!

  • Anthony Avant Cleveland #2147634 » Posted in: Tyler Perry studios

    I am a artist and designer and I was wondering if you need any promotional shirts for your business?

  • Unknown #2147633 » Posted in: My online family

    I struggled thru depression and suicidal thoughts for over a year. Your let them go video is something that helped me get past all off the negatives thoughts and move on. Thank you

  • song request #2147632 » Posted in: My online family

    So high by John Legend

    • Walkin on cloud nine.. #2147638

      So High..

    • let's go to the moon....... #2147646

      We're scraping the sky.....

  • Lashawnda Hillside IL #2147631 » Posted in: My online family

    Good morning, My name is LaShawnda Porter and I'm from Chicago il.. I'm writing to you asking for help.. Well here my story I was born outside the placenta and I weight only 1pound.. I'm now 31 and have 2kids both were big babies.. I have been taking care of my sick mother who is only 55 she have had all kind of health issues and have had 2 open heart surgery so I really haven't had anytime for me.. But now my Mother is doing better I'm still having a hard time losing weight well let's say belly f** I really need help paying 6500 for a tummy tuck if you can please help that would be greatly appreciated... Thank You... Sent from my iPhone

  • Breona Harris Memphis, Tennessee #2147630 » Posted in: My online family

    Make Some More Madea Movies! I Love Them

  • James Testa9 USA #2147629 » Posted in: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

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